Evolution Project

Continuous Development

We continuous looking to develop new stuff so we can offer best experience.

Developers Devotament

Developers love what they do, and not doing this just for money.

Low Network Fee

We are trying to keep super low fee, so anyone can be happy.

CPU Optimisation

Evolution is optimised for CPU to offer the best experience.

ASIC resistant

Evolution have the property of a cryptocurrency that is “immune” to ASIC mining, we are trying to keep this way.


RandomARQ a nice and lightweight algorithm.

Evolution RoadMap

  • March 2020-03-02

    Evolution Project first release. Blockchain genesis started.

  • March First Quarter

    Wallet cli, website, offline web wallet and pool was launched

  • March Second Quarter

    Electron GUI wallet with solo pool mining for windows and network stats bot was relesed.

  • March Last Quarter

    Add SSL support for deamon/wallet connection, logo and website updated, launched on exchange + multiple DDOS protective measures to protect network and nodes stability with Cloudflare.

  • April First Quarter

    Implementing ZeroMQ service.

About Us

Who we are?

* Decentralized digital currency, with continuos developing, optimized for CPU

* We like privacy and with a lot of desire and devotament and specialy lot of love for crypto world, we try to do our best for this project.

* Evolution is a project that was born from passion, love and learning, it was made to make crypto popular and learning about it but at the same time aim to be anonymous, lightweight and secure.

* Evolution is forked from Arqma with Monero base and low scratchpad, secure and anonymous.

* Our code will be available for free, open source, and can be implemented on any coin.

* We will listen to your suggestions and try to introduce them, we are open to cooperation with each of you.

Choose Us

Why Choose Evolution


Each transaction is secured with Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) for encrypting transaction amounts.


EVOLUTION is untraceable. Sending and receiving addresses are encrypted, transactions on the Evolution blockchain cannot be tracked to a particular user or real world identity.


Small block time 120 seconds. Small scratchpad 256 bits


Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus, and then recorded on the blockchain

- Info Coin -

PoW algorithm: RandomARQ
Max supply: ~55 million
Block reward: 26 smoothly decreasing
Block time: 120 seconds
Difficulty: retargets at every block
Block confirmation: 18 blocks
Asic resistance : Yes
Nicehash resistance: Yes
BulletProof RingCT
LWMA Difficulty Algorithm securing network against 51% HashAttacks
Ticker: EVOX
Emission rate planned on 30 years

News about Evolution Project

Evolution News

Site Update

Site updated and optimised for android and ios, exchange added, we now have and twitter.

By: ArtFix

ZeroMQ (ZMQ) Implementation

I`m so proud to announce that we have successfully implemented ZMQ (ZeroMQ) as service and is amazing, is now use less resources.

ZMQ implementation - Big thanks to Muscleman and Arqma Team for permission to use their implementation.

Documentation on how to start daemon with ZMQ and run a pool with, will be added soon.

More info About ZMQ can be found at ZeroMQ

By: ArtFix

Evolution get listed in USDT pair

Thanks to KuangEX for list us in USDT pair.

Asian exchange KuangEX launches Evolution EVOX/USDT and invites you to participate in the transaction to share 10,000 EVOX

More information can be found Here

By: ArtFix

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